Pink and Gray

Normally I am not one for the whole baby pink and gray combo. However when I got asked to make a girl version of this blanket in pink and gray it seemed that it was meant to be as Michael Miller makes the bikes in those colors and has coordinating dots, etc. Since they didn't have the bikes the alternate way I subsituted in a pretty damask print and I think it just gives it a girly enough feel.

Now that it is all done I am really loving the pink and gray together and can totally understand how some people love the combination as it looks so elegant against a white backing.

Off to finish some crib sheets, hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. How did you quilt this? I can't tell from your pics.

    1. Hi :) It isn't quilted, just top stitched along the edge. I have quilted this style of blanket before and for those I stitched in the ditch or just made a few stitches at some of the patchwork corners to hold it in place as the minky hides those small stitches :)


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