KONA Solids Are Here

"oooooh" as The Bubb loves to say when we are opening up the boxes that come in the mail/UPS/FedEx. This is one of his favorite activities, checking out the loot. Then upon discovering it is yet more fabric, he smiles at me and then toddles off back to his firetruck. But I appreciate his initial reaction :)

Where is all this rambling headed you ask? Well I am excited to share that I am now stocking KONA fat quarter bundles in all the different color stories in my shop. This one is my favorite (purple of course! plus it is called Flying People Eater!)

And I am also carrying some neutral KONA colors in yardage. We don't have the space unfortunately for a ton of colors so I am starting with these and will hopefully be adding more as space allows for (as I am also trying to convince my husband, that yes in fact we do need 50 plus different Ta Dot colors from Michael Miller but more on that later). Here are the KONA basic colors:

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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