Organic Crib Sheets

So I realize that The Bubb already has four crib sheets (two from the store and two that I made) but now he has two more, which is kinda silly - as he doesn't really NEED any more, but when I saw the organic Bah Bah Black Sheep fabric from Monaluna, I could not resist! Especially since the fabric is extra wide which makes it perfect for making sheets. I also made one with organic cotton flannel, as it is kinda chilly here and nothing is better than flannel to snuggle up on. I couldn't find a pattern that I liked on flannel anywhere (and that would be wide enough after it shrinks during the wash, as we all know flannel does a ton) so I used some organic cotton flannel that I had on hand that is made extra wide so perfect again for sheets. It is wonderful oatmeal color, which actually works out really well since his blankets are so bright.

Love the sheep, it is just perfect for a crib sheet (well I think at least!)

And the flannel one:

And as always being helpful during picture taking :)

Plus, and I don't know if it had anything to do with it, but he slept his best/longest nap ever yesterday when he was on the flannel sheet since our transition to one nap a day. Hopefully that will continue today too!

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  1. i love the sheep print too! and those flannel sheets would definitely help me take a long nap...actually i wouldn't really need any help taking a nap if i got the chance! ;)


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