16 Months Old

Trying to get a 16 month photo proved to be well a challenge this morning. He would not stop trying to grab the camera, then would laugh (above) or hide (below)

The biggest news is that The Bubb is walking as of the 1st! Here is a video of his maybe 7th try at walking (the first few we were so excited that well getting the camera wasn't so important) very early on the 1st.

By the afternoon he was pretty excited by walking, although I don't think he thinks of it as a mode of transportation yet, but thinks its funny/a game. He loves to walk between us, well run, back and forth. As I was recording it on my phone, he would dash to Evan then back to me and demand to see the video that I just made. Then he wanted to do it again and again and again. Silly boy. But it got him walking a lot that day.

Now a few days later he is getting more used to this being his mode of transport and is pretty stoked that it is easier for him to carry things. He still has difficulty just standing up on his own. He crawls to something near by, then pulls himself up and then walks from there. But if he needs to get somewhere quickly (like the sound of the garbage truck) he will crawl not walk.

What else is happening. Well as of this past weekend we have officially dropped the morning nap and I think that I am taking it worse than he is. Although at about 9:30-10 he goes into his room and starts to look at his books and then crawls into my lap for stories as this is when he would normally get his nap. So it is nice that we still have that.

Emmett is still vocal although the more that I anticipate his needs the less he talks as he doesn't have to ask but just look at me. So I am going to have to try not to give him what he wants right away which is frustrating to both of us so that he keeps trying to say things. So far he says, dadda, momma, emmett, babo, hi, bye, milk, down, up, come, doggie, birdie, and his first and by far favorite, all done. He'll imitate a lot of the other words we say but doesn't know them yet.

He is good at starting the dishwasher, vacuum and washer and is really good helper. He loves to pick up bits of string/papers off the floor (we are not that dirty I promise) and put them in our paper recycling box. He also loves to pull papers off our table and put them into the recycling box as well, so not so helpful but good intent. I am hoping that this helpfulness lasts. But probably once he realizes what he is doing he won't be interested anymore!

We love him so very much and he always continues to amaze us.


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