The Last Crib Bumper, I Swear

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xoxo - Kristina

Okay so yes I realize that I've already said that this was my last crib bumper. But I swear that this is actually my last and final crib bumper. Cross my heart, etc.

It is made from Tarika in Neutral by Dena Fishbein, I just love this print! (which is probably why I couldn't say no) It has white piping, white fabric ties and is quilted every 13-14 inches. I also thought that it would have been fun to have plum or hot pink piping and ties, but alas these thoughts come to me after it is made :)

It took longer to make over the past week or so while dealing with some sickos around here, but it is done and shipped as of this morning. So excited for the expecting mom-to-be to get it!

I also made a changing pad cover to match :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


  1. Love that Taza print (I think...) Grey and white are so "in" right now for modern decor!

  2. Do you sell these? This is just what I'm looking for for my baby boy's nursery!


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