Ball Pit

I saw this idea (balls in a pack n play to make your own ball pit) on pinterest and had to try it out. I've been scouring amazon and other websites for where to buy affordable plastic balls where you get over 100 and not just 25 for the same price. I kept putting it off, putting it off (after reading some discouraging feedback) and finally one day at Target I saw these. Not super sturdy, like I can crush one of the plastic balls in my hand, but I thought - he is going to figure out how to do that anyway with those crazy strong hands of his, so doesn't matter. More important to get them for him. So I got them. 150 balls for $14.50 couldn't pass that up. Plus they come with the most handy carrying case ever.

The Bubb was into it RIGHT away. And now he will go and get the balls just so he can go in the Pack N Play to play with them. He LOVES it.

Pouring the balls in.

And playing :)

He mostly just throws them about and then decides to move them all behind him or in front of him, which is problematic since there are too many and roll back out to where he doesn't want them. But he seems entertained by it for now. Since he loves to "put things away" he is actually pretty helpful with putting them back in the carrying case when he done too, which I find most excellent.

I hope everyone has a good weekend :)

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  1. If this would actually convince Lana to hang out in her PnP for more than 32 seconds, this could be a stroke of genius! Not sure she loves balls quite enough tho....


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