Crayon Hearts

I got this idea over at Martha Stewart to make hearts with melted crayons and wax paper so that when hung up the light will shine through them. I thought it seemed pretty fun and thought I would share how I did them.

I picked out the crayon colors that I liked best, as I didn't want all red, so I did red/pink, yellow/orange and of course PURPLE. I grouped my colors then peeled the paper off.

Then I started using a pencil sharpener to make the shavings (as they suggested) and it didn't work, so I just took the crayon sharpener out of the box and used that instead and it worked much better.

From there you just put the crayon shavings inbetween two layers of wax paper. I just used a long sheet and folded in half. Then I spread the wax shavings around a bit in the middle and pinched up the edges.

Next you just iron away. I would strongly suggest using an old iron or as I like to call mine, my craft iron. I also put a piece of scrap fabric under the wax paper and on top of the wax paper while ironing. While you can't see the wax melting this way, it totally saved both my ironing board and my iron as the fabric was completely speckled with color afterwards.

I ended up with this after ironing, wax paper with melted crayons inside :)

At this point the options are limitless. I cut out hearts as I am trying to become a valentine supporter, or at least in decorating as I still don't like the hallmark holiday. I found that I couldn't fold the wax paper in half without making weird wax creases so I ended up free scissoring my hearts which I think are fun in themselves as they don't match and aren't super girly/valentining being all oddball.

I experimented with three different ways of hanging them up. First we strung all the yellow/orange hearts onto one piece of fishing line (and they totally stayed in place!) and hung them in the Bubb's winow.

Then we (the bubb, babo, and I) hung them one at a time in the dining room window.

And lastly we did the stick them to the window with double sided tape on the stationary window of the sliding door, just out of The Bubb's reach.

I like that I can see the one's in his room through the window blinds.

But this whole project also showed me that I need to wash our windows! Or maybe the HOA needs to get people to come and wash the windows outside :)


  1. I'm so glad to see this project worked out for you! I tried to make it with Jack and Maddie last week and gave up... it did not turn out nice and I wrecked 2 towels in the process. bah.

    1. boo :( Are the towels cause of the ironing? I have a nice black spot on my ironing board cover from the first bit before I learned that I had to put a scrap piece on top and under! But this is good cause I need a new ironing board cover really badly...so perhaps this is the motivation I need! PS you are brave to try with jack and maddie...i did it all during Emmett's naps so he wouldn't attack me while ironing!


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