First off I just need to say that I LOVE New Zealand. It is so unbelievably beautiful there, plus the people are so friendly and welcoming. Everyone should go there to visit! Anyway before you think that this is going to turn into a travel post... A friend of mine who lives there recently had a baby and I thought that it would be nice to send them something. I actually bought this fabric for her before she got married or was just about to get married, can't remember anymore, but when I saw it, I thought 'Miriam' and couldn't not get it - you know how that happens sometimes?! As fate would have they did have a baby and it is a beautiful little girl named Clementine. So I pulled out this fun and bright flannel fabric from my stash and made a blanket for her.

It is cotton flannel on the front and then the back is super soft cream bubble dot minky.

To make it more personal I appliqued Clementine onto the back.

Here is cutie patootie Clementine modeling the blanket :) Thanks again for sending me the photos!!

I love minky :)


  1. Absolutely adorable. You are so talented

  2. I love the applique. Very cute!

  3. This is awesome Kristina! I am sure that Clementine is really chuffed :)

  4. The last blanket I sold was for a new baby girl in New Zealand...random! This turned out so super cute!

  5. We have shown this blanket to sooo many people and everyone just loves it! We were staying in a Bed & Breakfast over the weekend and the lady who ran it loved the blanket and looked at it and said how clever you are and that she 'bet you wished her name was Sue'! I thought that was really funny so wanted to share :)


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