Brown Paper Packages

tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things...

This year I took a little simpler approach to wrapping the gifts. I wrapped many of them in kraft paper and tied them with the vintage ribbon I got from a friend, yarn or sparkly ribbon. I decided that the Bavarianesk ribbon worked really well with the plain paper

and I like that they aren't too overwhelming under the tree, just simple and neat. Plus they will travel well for us as every year bows seem to come off and the thin (but cute themed paper) gets torn or scratched on the way down to parent's houses. So we'll see how they fair this year.

Although I haven't worked out the to/from tag problem but hey I still have a few hours 'till Christmas :)


  1. On packages wrapped in plain paper I really like the look of handwriting the to/from on the paper. I did this several years and everyone carried on over how nice and simple it looked. If you are afraid it will mess with the look of the package then just write it on the bottom. Black or red marker would be lovely on that paper.

  2. That is exactly what I just finished up doing. Great minds think alike ;)


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