Superhero Cape

The final present is finished at last. Yeah for not being up 'till the wee hours of the morning Christmas Eve. And what is the final present you ask, a superhero cape! Yeah for boy ideas, although I am pretty sure that I had a cape fashioned out of a few yards of fabric when I was in my She-Ra phase way back in the day.

So as you can probably tell by the "J" superman initial that this cape is for Jack.  It was pretty easy to make after I got my head around how I was going to assemble it. My favorite part of the whole thing, silly as it is, was making the fabric gather. It was so neat how it started to bunch as I sewed along, okay I won't digress about it but it made my night, obviously there isn't too much excitement in my life! Ha! I used velcro to have the cape stay on because ties just didn't seem right to me and I really didn't want to fight with the snap press that I have.

In addition I also made a little mask. I used eyelets for the elastic to go through and it is pretty adjustable as I am not sure how big his head is, so hopefully it will fit! It is too small for Evan and just a tiny too big for the Bubb, so that must be Jack size! I can't wait for him to see it, I hope he likes it!

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