The Bubb's Busy Morning

Okay, okay so I wasn't planning on using this blog to brag about my little one but just to share what we've been up to and keep track of my craft adventures. But after this morning I just can't help myself.  Emmett was doing his tummy time and decided to lift his head super high, higher than I've ever seen before, and he kept his head up for a long time too (meaning I was able to run and grab the camera). I was pretty impressed.

But the part that really impressed me is that after I changed him and brought him back to continue tummy time, he FLIPPED OVER. (front to back). I was in total shock. Did my little Bubbasaur just roll over? So of course I tried to get him to do it again, so I could video it and show you, but no such luck.  Anyway I had to share cause I am so proud of my little one, but then again anything he does is just a bonus, cause the only thing I've ever wanted him to do is sleep peacefully through the night.

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