Cloth Balls

These cloth balls were actually one of the first projects that I made when I was pregnant and decided that I needed to learn to sew if I was going to have a kid. I think that now I could obviously make them look a little better and I would probably insert a little bell inside of them before I sew them up. So I like them because there are three sizes and I thought that they would be perfect for a boy baby.

The largest measures about 12 inches and the smallest is around 8 inches from end to end (using a tape measure that hugs the ball). I made them with 8 stripes, using four fabrics, but you could make them with 8 different fabrics or only 2. The possibilities are endless. Now the part that I would improve is the circles at the top, I had no idea how to sew curves when I made these and I think that I could definitely hand stitch them up a bit better. The circles serve two purposes, one to add interest (by using red flannel in this case) and two to cover up your points in case they don't match up. Looking back at them now I like them so much that perhaps I will make more at some point to give as a gift at a baby shower. The other fantastic thing that has come out of them, is that The Bubb loves to look at them and when he sees them he turns over towards them and tries to move towards them in order to touch. Although his stomach dragging on the ground prevents forward movement. Oh well, it is only a matter of time.

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