3 Months Old

Time has gone by so quickly, Emmett is 3 months old today. We did our take on measurements this morning and he weighs 13.5 pounds (based on our oh so accurate bathroom scale) and is 26 inches long. All of his hair was falling out in weird patterns so we just shaved his head to make look even, and it is much better now. We actually think that he might be growing reddish color hair back in?!? And he is definitely keeping his blue eyes. He seems to be done with his baby acne and his eyelashes are growing in long and thick - must be taking after his Dad.

The Bubb is able to grab small toys, likes to smile at you and will giggle if you are worthy. He is accepting tummy time and is able to hold his head up, although he would rather just lay there and suck his thumb/fist/fingers. He is getting marginally better at the rocking to flip over.  He has pseudo rolled over while trying to get off of us (not assisted other than being in our laps) when he is looking/reaching for something next to us - but he is purposefully trying to go somewhere, he just doesn't know how. He'll follow you around the room with his eyes, and wants your constant attention. We heard him say "Emmett" in the car last night. We both turned to look at each other and said at the same time "Did you just hear him say Emmett"? Obviously this wasn't purposeful.

The Bubb is a wonderful sleeper and goes 10-11 hours at night depending on when we put him to bed. He still needs four 1.5 hour naps during the day, and I am so thankful that he still wants them. He is such a sweet baby boy!

3 Days Old:

3 Months Old:

Watching the fish with Dad:

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