Another Round of Freezer Paper Stenciling

By now you can probably tell that I am pretty addicted to Freezer Paper Stenciling. I bought some Carter's long sleeve onesies at Kohl's a few months back with their $10 gift cards that come in the mail. Hooray for free money! But they were plain, so obviously they needed some embellishment. So I came up with four designs: camping, Sir Bubb, DNA, and an exclamation point. The first three of these I did designs on the front and the back.

This was also my first time cutting out letters, and it is pretty easy, thank goodness for sans-serif fonts.

In case you're still interested, here is the tutorial to Freezer Paper Stenciling and here and here are my previous projects. The Bubb was napping when I took these pictures, so no cute baby model today :(

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