Waterproof Swim & Accident Bag

With summer approaching (and us now having a pool that is about 200 feet from our front door) I decided I needed to get a jump on making a bag that can transport a wet towel, bathing suit, shoes, etc. OR if during potty training we have a car accident/store accident I can pop everything into the bag instead of the back of my car. So I came up with this:

It is made with IKEA canvas fabric on the outside and lined with ProCare (a superior alternative to PUL in my opinion), which is waterproof. I mean, obviously if you dump a glass of water in it, it probably is going to leak a little at the seams? but I used it on my other bag and it seriously has done the trick, never had any leakage or anything.

I included a handle to make it easier for me to schlep while holding The Bubb's hand.

It has a super green zipper on top (total score as I had this already when I put my mind to making it and it matches exactly!, same with the handle fabric!)

and I boxed out the corners to make it stand up on its own and be a little more sturdy.

So now the good part, I can fit all of this in here

plus tons of room in general for all those little things

so excited for summer to get a little warmer. Bad part is, now I have to find a 'mom' bathing suit. Ugh!


  1. Kristina!
    I love this. Seriously super cute and so functional. Are you going to be selling these in your store (or a custom order)? I would order one right now. Let me know.

  2. Lovely!! I've made wet bags for others but really need to make one for us. They are so handy! I've never heard of ProCare - will have to check it out. Love the boxes corners on your wet bag!

  3. So cute! I need one of these!!

  4. Oooohhh, loving how big it is! Next time you go to the pool, have E hold it so I can get an even better sense of scale! :) And yes. Totally sell them. Oh, and SUPER lame on the mom bathing suit, right?! Totally necessary this year with the post baby blubber. Ugh. And yet the one I picked up at target it still a teeny bopper print....oh well. Sometimes I just have such a hard time growing up!

    1. Yes will take picture and send next time. It is pretty big. And I know!! Although I have a hard time as my torso is not meant to fit in normal sized one piece/tankinis so they look funny. so usually have to go a 2 piece but that just doesn't work for super active toddler chaser you know? i am thinking some sort of 'active' 2 piece swimsuit maybe at rei or something? haven't worked it out yet...

  5. Will you have a tutorial on how to make this? So cute and functional. Even though my son is 5, he still has those occasional accidents :)


    1. Hi Meredith :) I would love to do a tutorial! If I get the time I will definitely do one. I am planning on making a couple of more of these for friends so if it works out I will definitely post it!


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