Bordered Pearl Bracelet and Minky Quilt

I actually made this a while back and just realized that I hadn't posted about it :) This quilt is made with Pearl Bracelet in Bright Star (white on white) with Coal Kona border around the edge. (really loving the pearl bracelets but it is hard to find a reason to use them on The Bubb)

Because Tiffany Blue Minky was to be used on the back a layer of cotton batting was used to prevent the bright minky color from distracting/showing through on the white pearl bracelet top. As well as make it a little bit thicker.

I quilted it with three large circles to mirror the bracelets and then quilted along the border seams on each side.

I believe the finish size was 35x45 so a good all purpose baby blanket size. I hope that the new mom and baby love it too!

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