Growing Up So Fast

Well it has been a while since I've given an update on The Bubb so I thought it was time.

He probably weighs around 35 pounds now and is 38 inches tall. He is a growing boy! Yup that's right he is no longer a baby :( He is definitely our little boy now. Being 2.5 his interests and personality are getting more and more developed which is such a joy to watch!

Here's sorta a quick run down on The Bubb:

Interests: trains, cars and playing in the water (washing hands, doing dishes, etc).
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Spice: Cinnamon
Favorite Fruit: Blueberries
Favorite Food: Cheese or pancakes
Favorite Movie: Cars
Favorite Song: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People

Alphabet: He knows all his upper and lower case letters except for 'l' it is always "I" totally confusing, I get it.
Numbers: He can count to 20, although he prefers to count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,11,20!
Colors: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Dark Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Gray, Brown, Black and White. I am working on Teal or Aqua but just can't get there, almost have scored on Cream but not yet.
Patterns: Yes that is right, he can identify Polka Dots, Stripes, and Chevron. He also knows if I ask him for a certain pattern like ninja or letters or elephants or vikings he'll go locate the correct fabric. Thus the life of growing up in a fabric shop I guess?
Countries: He can identify Australia, Brazil, Russia and Greenland on our globe and on our big flat map which is just continents he can do Africa, Australia, South America, and Asia. Although I do think that he is mostly just memorizing the colors but gotta start somewhere.

He is very verbal, sometimes he takes a little while to warm up to you, or perhaps never. But if he chooses to, he won't ever stop talking. Constant monolouge, not that I am complaning, it is pretty aweseome to hear his little bubb thoughts.

He is an unbeliavably sweet boy and is very good natured. Although he will defend his cars, trains and most importantly Babo. And things must be orderly. Things go in lines and get turned off or closed, we are very particular about this.

We have come to realize that we need to stop saying 'momma' is going to do this, 'daddy' is going to do this, as usually he says "emmett wash hands, emmett go outside, emmett needs a fork, etc. always from 3rd person. Which is pretty cute but we realize we need to start correcting that.

He loves to read books and has taken it upon himself to start reading to himself, it is really adorable. He mumbles along and then will say words clearly as if it is just part of the story. It is really adorable.

We just transferred him to a big boy bed and had absolutely no trouble with it. Although it has only been 3 days now. But he tells me that he loves it and that he gets to sleep in it so I think it is a success. And we still have him taking a 2 hour nap, he can go with out it, but as long as I am consistent with it he keeps taking one, and I am not ready to give them up yet. We are working on potty training very slowly. But he will go pee and poop in his potty and on the toilet (we have a special seat). Sometimes he asks us, sometimes we just put him on it and he goes. We'll get there but I have decided against letting him run around naked for a weekend as thinking he'll pee all over our carpet I just can't handle. We have tried all sorts of bribing and nothing will get him to go on the potty if he doesn't want to. So when he's ready I guess.

He loves to help. And I mean help. He helps me, depin, find fabric, wash dishes, laundry, cooking, you name it he wants in on it. Which is fantastic. We love him so much!

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