Row Boat Dreams

I found this image on pinterest and well I can't stop thinking about it, like measuring in the backyard at 11:30 at night can't stop thinking about it. I mean really, how cool would it be to have a row boat sandbox, umm awesome! The Bubb NEEDS this.

AND I found a row boat on craigslist too! Only problem is it is $250. Yeah, for a beat up row boat, I don't think so.

Other problem is that I have a voice of reason (aka husband) telling me that it is really fantastic but 1) our yard is not big enough 2) we are not paying any money for a beat up row boat - if it had been free, maybe 3) even though we have a larger car now, do we really want to try to squeeze in an 8 foot row boat and ruin the interior 4) I love your crazy ideas but we'll have to wait on this one.


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