Owl Friends

Ever since I purchased this fabric The Bubb has been obsessed with it. He sees it from across the room and just bolts for it. I don't know if it is the owl eyes or the bright colors or what but he loves it and he has seen a lot of fabric. The fabric is by Timeless Treasures and it comes in both green and cream. Both are super adorable. I had a small piece left over and The Bubb would not stop playing with it; so I made another lovey.

Pretty basic, I used the cream owls on the front and backed it with organic cotton fleece. On two of the corners I made loops with the green owl fabric to let him play with it or clip it to the stroller, car seat etc.

He was napping when I took these photos so sorry I don't have one with him in it, but he likes to sit with it in his lap and point at the owls. Its pretty adorable. But I guess everything he does is adorable to me. Oh and good news! He is now drinking from a straw sippy cup, I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!


  1. cute owls! and i'm curious- what kind of sippy cups do you like? i have a 11 month old too and still haven't found a good cup. :)

  2. Hi :) We have had tried so many sippy cups and have finally settled on Munchkin - we got them at Target. We have the straw kind (that retracts - which I like cause it is easier to travel with) and the 'regular' kind but with a soft silicone spout. I (and Emmett) got frustrated as liquid doesn't come out easily due to the no-spill function. So to see what the problem was I tried them out myself and it turns out you have to suck hard to get the liquid. But Munckin was easier than the others, so I went with those, but you have to bite it a little. If you have found other brands that you like I would love to know as I would like one that flows well without having to suck really hard but still doesn't leak a ton...

  3. I sure hope the sippy cup people know what we moms are put through just to find a good cup. :-) haha, But really, sippy cups are a pain! i'm on child #4 and just really, really wanted to land on ONE brand and stick with it to the end...oh well. I'll have to give these munchkin ones a try...wish i had an alternative to offer you.. :)


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