Oh Deer!

This past weekend we headed up to Mount Shasta for a little sun (there is sadly hardly any where we are living, silly fog...) and outdoor adventuring. Instead of camping this time we got a little 2 bedroom room with a kitchen to allow us to cook meals for The Bubb. It is strange but it seems like we took the same amount of stuff here as we do when we go to my parent's house. That kid has stuff :)

The Bubb did great on the car rides and learned how to turn the TV on. And he actually flipped it to Curious George before he went up and plastered himself to the TV. It was then turned off for the rest of the trip.

We did some hiking, flower picture taking, relaxing, etc.

And it seems since we come up here every year that we take pictures of ourselves in front of Mt. Shasta, as it wouldn't be a complete trip if we didn't...

The Bubb also got his first deer encounter, it was a momma deer and her two little ones. They even still had their spots. And were really not concerned at all that The Bubb was banging on the window or that we were there when heading out for the morning.

I wish it could have lasted a little bit longer, but back to the normal daily activities.


  1. What a cute carseat- what brand/model is that? Cute family pictures too :)

  2. Thanks :) It is a Combi Cocorro in the carrot cake color. We love it! Compared to the Graco we had it is so much better. We're actually just about to purchase another one (thinking about a different color though this time) as we outgrew the Graco and now need a second convertible carseat. If you have a small car I'd highly recommend as it won't block the back window and isn't monstrous :)


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