11 Months Old

Our little man is almost a year old! He is such a joy to be around and as you may or may not know he is active active active. The Bubb loves to explore and figure out how things are working. He is just learning that doors open and close and will sit there and swing his bedroom door back and forth (not cupboards too much yet, thankfully. he's opened them a few times, but I quickly close it and hold it closed while he tries again and then I tell him that he was just hallucinating, it didn't really open, and he moves on. Usually to some fabric fuzz or string :)

He is still taking two naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on if the morning one gets interrupted, then the afternoon one is longer, but if he sleeps for longer in the morning then the afternoon one is shorter, as one would expect. At some point I know he will drop the morning nap but for right now I am enjoying it!

The Bubb is eating really well, we typically give him whatever we are eating for dinner, minus the sauces. He's tried pickle and loves it, so we think he is taking after his mom :) But we give him a tiny pieces of lettuce, tomato, turkey, chicken, etc. and it all goes down with little protest, so hopefully he will keep that up. His favorite by far is the banana oatmeal in the morning. We cannot give it to him fast enough. He has two bottom teeth, and no more yet. I thought he was going to get some last week, but they haven't come in yet, so he'll get them when he is ready. Hmm what else...we give him oyster crackers (you know for soup? as we didn't like the "baby" crackers with all the sugar in them, so we opted for no salt oyster crackers) to munch on while we are making his food and he likes to pick them up and then store them in his mouth, sorta like a squirrel, so we are starting to call him squirrel baby when he is eating. so needless to say, he gets them one at a time now.

He claps, babbles, giggles, and loves to be silly. I love that he can go from super active and then he finds his books and will spend 30 minutes in his room just turning the pages and looking from book to book. I have to be right next to him for him to do this (cause why would he want me to be productive?) but it works out well because then I get a nice 30 minute rest. But I love that he loves his books!

What else? He is trying to climb up on his activity table and onto the couches. He is sliding along things, like our bookcases, couches, crib, walls, etc. when he wants to get to something. But he won't let us walk him yet. I think, just like crawling, he'll just turn off the couch one day and just walk, no practice necessarily. Grandma thinks he is practicing in his crib, which is probably true. He can go up the stairs really well, isn't too interested in going back down and is a super crawler. Once he figures out that walking is faster, he'll being doing that for sure! Not sure he'll make it for his first birthday though, maybe for my birthday :)

Anyway we love him so very much and can't believe how fast he is becoming a toddler. Although he isn't toddling yet, so I guess I can't call him a toddler?

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