Happy Birthday!!

My little man is turning two today, TWO! I am a mom of a 2 year old. Crazy to think about how quickly this has gone. And I think everyone knows, but I'll say it again, he is absolutely wonderful and a joy to be around and we think that he is pretty perfect and we love him so very much :)

Since I haven't done updates in a while, here are some Bubb facts:

- He is standing about 34 inches tall and weighs about 30 pounds (he has his doctor appointment later this week). He seems to have most of his baby teeth now, I don't know how many he is supposed to have but what he has seems to be working for him :) And he LOVES to brush his teeth.

- He loves to run, dance and jump. He does this wonderful gallop skip step and I think it is so funny. He is getting better at steps but is super cautious and doesn't walk up or down them on his own without holding on to the railing (or me). Even though I want him to be able to, part of me is glad that he is so cautious as our stairs are wood and it frightens me to think that he could fall so easily.

- He knows all of his letters (uppercase), most numbers (1-10), his colors - although I am trying to show him teal, aqua, coral, etc. but that doesn't really seem to be going well - and the parts of the body, my favorite is eyebrow, it is just so funny how he does it. He loves to talk now, which is so exciting and is putting two and three words together. Love it so much! So much easier to communicate with him, it is wonderful. Example: He wanted this travel alarm clock off the book shelf, so this is how his conversation went with Evan.

Bubb: Clock
Evan: Clock
Bubb: Please
Evan: doesn't answer
Bubb: Clock Please
Bubb: Please
Evan: No
Bubb: Need Clock
Evan: You don't need the clock
Bubb: Want Clock
Evan: Lets go find mama and see whats she doing.

- The main thing on his mind his cars, trucks and planes. Anything with wheels. He loves the garbage man (he comes 4 times a week), the recycle man, fire trucks, buses and the rare ambulances. He plays with his cars most of the day and really can't seem to get enough. His other favorite activities include figuring out the light switches, starting the dishwasher and washing machine, and picking up stuff. Yes he likes to clean. He loves to help me recycle and throw paper out, everything needs to go in its place. The Bubb really likes to color and seems to have a set time every day that he thinks he needs to. He really isn't into coloring books but likes to color on blank sheets. Right now he is very into what all the colors are (I gave him a 64 box), how they are different, and how to get the wrappers off.

- Sometimes I think he is sorta cat like in that whenever I am on my laptop or phone he crawls into my lap (or onto the keyboard) so that he can be front and center.

- We have started potty training (a little) and he has done both in the potty now. We typically do it every night before bath (as that is one of his times) just to get him used to it. At first he loved the potty but now it is really kinda traumatic for him. He is so scared when he has to go and likes to hold it back in and then go in his diaper 5 minutes later, or pee on the floor. Sigh. But he does like to flush afterwards, so we are working with that. He doesn't seem to want any kind of food bribe and knows exactly what is happening but is just super scared. So instead of waiting, we are just keeping at it and hoping that he'll get over the fear eventually as he definitely knows before he needs to go and when he is going but is just scared. We'll get there and thank goodness for not having carpet!

- I think I should also mention that aside from Babo he has now adopted Bear (yes my bear) and well doesn't want to be apart from it either, so this is problematic because they are both larger stuffed animals and I have to pack them everywhere. But he is so sweet with them that I can't really say no.

Most excitingly though, I asked him to let me take some pictures and he ran to his chair and waited for me to take some. And smiled when I asked, perhaps my picture drought is over at last and he will let me get some good ones again (yes this is wishful thinking).


  1. Wow, happy birthday, can't believe he is two! You are very brave, and wonderful, to let him play with Bear!

  2. Jealous! I just want ONE good picture of my son for his 2nd birthday party invitation coming up in October. Happy Birthday!


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