Baby Girl Quilt

I got asked to make a baby girl quilt in a similar style to the Bella Quilt that I made a while back but with all girly prints. After going through pretty much all the fabric I had on hand, these are the fabrics that she picked out for me to use

Once the fabrics were picked I spent quite a bit of time rearranging them (probably about 200 times) until I finally settled on this. There are so many combinations that could be done it was hard to decide!

I used organic sherpa on the back (yes I am obsessed with this material!) and then I quilted around all the squares to make it a bit more polished looking.

I hope that the gift recipient loves it too! Hope everyone is having a good week so far :)


  1. Looks great! How to your keep things so neat when top stitching? I always get a big pucker (extra fabric) on my backing if I use something like the sherpa or especially minky :( Your blankets always look so perfectly matched and cut, maybe that is my issue! Ha, who knows.

    1. Hi :) and thanks! Well I do think that they have to be cut evenly, but more importantly when you sew the two layers they have to be perfectly flat, so if there is bunching/puckering during the first stitch (before you flip) it won't be flat after, at least in my experience!...I get around this problem by using a ton of pins. When I top stitch/quilt I also use a lot of pins, especially going across the middle I pin on both sides of where I will be stitching. Hope that helps...I also find the the more expensive minky bunches less than the Joann minky but again maybe that is just me and I am crazy :)

  2. THANK YOU so much! Yes this helps. I am for sure it is probably my Hobby Lobby minky and the fact that I hate pinning. So I will try these tips out and hopefully get great matches like you :)


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