Moving...In Flux...Transitioning

Hi! to everyone who takes the time to stop and read what I have to say or what we are up to! Sorry its been so long since I've last been here but a lot is going on. Most importantly there will be a new sirbubbadoo website starting monday which incorporates the blog AND my new shop! The site will still be www.sirbubbadoo.com and the blog will be here: http://www.sirbubbadoo.com/blog/ but once I make the switch Sunday night, it might not look quite the same and some stuff is going to get lost. Since we've been mostly focusing on getting the store to work properly the blog things have been put on the backburner (like moving the followers over, subscriber signup, email list, making sure you still get to see it, and all that stuff). SO please bare with me, it is going to take a while to make it all smooth and nice. But if you want to continue to still follow and such, please bookmark me for now or hope for the best during the transition and that everything goes smoothly :)

Hope everyone is well!


Bridesmaid Dress Baby Blanket #5

And here we are again. Another day, another bridesmaid dress baby blanket :) These are so much fun to make as I love coordinating with the customer and picking fabrics. The blankets are all so different because each dress I receive is always so different. I also don't get asked to make them all the time, which makes each one special as they are spaced just the right amount apart for me not to get over (or under) whelmed.

Somehow I managed to miss sharing number 4 with you but here is the 5th one. The dress is a deep burgundy color but they wanted it to be gender neutral, which obviously is challenging since burgundy with anything gives such a feminie feel. We wanted the dress to be the feature, so it was decided that gray and creams would be ideal (as gray/white, black/white, and black/cream all made it seem girly and more elegant for some reason). Anyway here it is! The recipient loved it and I hope the mom-to-be does too!

On the back is cream minky which makes it light and airy and not to dark like a gray minky would have done.


Waterfront Park by Violet Craft for Michael Miller Fabrics

This summer has been filled with exciting new releases! Waterfront Park by Violet Craft for Michael Miller Fabrics may just be my favorite so far. Love those bridges so much! I have been wanting to do a black and white quilt and they are just destined to be part of it I think.

I hadn't planned on taking so many pictures but once I got started, I just couldn't stop myself and instead of overgramming @fabricbubb I have decided to share them here instead.

I love these domino dots and the birds

We are selling the domino dots in a fat quarter bundle as well as by the yard. I could go on but I think that I will stop myself for now :)


Briar Rose Fabric by Heather Ross

So I've been trying to be better about not posting all the fabric that we are getting in the shop, but I can't not share this: we now have Briar Rose in the shop. It is so so lovely and so soft!

We are selling in bundles and by the yard :) So happy to see it on our shelves. And for those of you not following on instragram (@fabricbubb or @sirbubbadoo) we have added a ton more shelves to our fabric storage, hopefully we will get some more things finished soon so I can do a basement tour one of these days!


Partnering with Lotta Jansdotter

Last month I got contacted by the Lotta Jansdotter studio. You know the one that makes the incredible fabric lines like Bella, Glimma, Echo, etc. I almost passed out and completely didn't think that it was true and that it was a total scam (and then reassured by husband that no one is going to pretend to be them and yes they've noticed you and are interested). I responded and turns out, yup she was contacting me to make them some baby good items with some of her prints! Unbelievable and unexpected.

Once the details were worked out I got to sewing and shipped them off to her :) And they are now available to buy in her shop in New York! So excited! (this is my first physical store presence and what an honor it is to be in a shop that I admire so much!)

In case you're interested here is the press release where she showcases her new collaborations and her feature on me.

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