Partnering with Lotta Jansdotter

Last month I got contacted by the Lotta Jansdotter studio. You know the one that makes the incredible fabric lines like Bella, Glimma, Echo, etc. I almost passed out and completely didn't think that it was true and that it was a total scam (and then reassured by husband that no one is going to pretend to be them and yes they've noticed you and are interested). I responded and turns out, yup she was contacting me to make them some baby good items with some of her prints! Unbelievable and unexpected.

Once the details were worked out I got to sewing and shipped them off to her :) And they are now available to buy in her shop in New York! So excited! (this is my first physical store presence and what an honor it is to be in a shop that I admire so much!)

In case you're interested here is the press release where she showcases her new collaborations and her feature on me.

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