Bridesmaid Dress Baby Blanket #5

And here we are again. Another day, another bridesmaid dress baby blanket :) These are so much fun to make as I love coordinating with the customer and picking fabrics. The blankets are all so different because each dress I receive is always so different. I also don't get asked to make them all the time, which makes each one special as they are spaced just the right amount apart for me not to get over (or under) whelmed.

Somehow I managed to miss sharing number 4 with you but here is the 5th one. The dress is a deep burgundy color but they wanted it to be gender neutral, which obviously is challenging since burgundy with anything gives such a feminie feel. We wanted the dress to be the feature, so it was decided that gray and creams would be ideal (as gray/white, black/white, and black/cream all made it seem girly and more elegant for some reason). Anyway here it is! The recipient loved it and I hope the mom-to-be does too!

On the back is cream minky which makes it light and airy and not to dark like a gray minky would have done.

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