Moving...In Flux...Transitioning

Hi! to everyone who takes the time to stop and read what I have to say or what we are up to! Sorry its been so long since I've last been here but a lot is going on. Most importantly there will be a new sirbubbadoo website starting monday which incorporates the blog AND my new shop! The site will still be www.sirbubbadoo.com and the blog will be here: http://www.sirbubbadoo.com/blog/ but once I make the switch Sunday night, it might not look quite the same and some stuff is going to get lost. Since we've been mostly focusing on getting the store to work properly the blog things have been put on the backburner (like moving the followers over, subscriber signup, email list, making sure you still get to see it, and all that stuff). SO please bare with me, it is going to take a while to make it all smooth and nice. But if you want to continue to still follow and such, please bookmark me for now or hope for the best during the transition and that everything goes smoothly :)

Hope everyone is well!

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