Briar Rose Quilt - In Progress

Finally, finally got around to cutting and making a quilt top with the briar rose fabric that Windham Fabrics sent me. (if you follow on instagram @sirbubbadoo, you've seen the progess, sorry for being so slow to update the blog). Because some of the squares weren't a full 5", they were chopped short I opted to go with a layout that could accommodate these shortened squares. I also added in some KONA colors to make it brighter.

Now I am auditioning backing options, probably going to go with minky...which means I have to wash this puppy. Should I serge the edges? to keep it more together? I've washed others and they do okay but thinking that maybe it would be even better by serging them first. Hmmm.

These strawberries (comes in 4 colorways) still remain my favorite

cannot wait until the full yardage gets here, hopefully soon!


  1. Oh your quilt is adorable! Do you wash the top first because the minky shrinks at a different rate than the cotton?

    1. thanks! yeah, so, yes is the answer. I hate washing those little charm squares before hand so I make the top then I wash it (I actually serged the edge this time and I am not sure if it made any real difference) and of course, I iron the heck out of it. Then I put it on the minky (also prewashed - since it is polyester it shouldn't shrink but I think it does or at least the fibers get rearranged a bit) and its always been fine that way :)

  2. Totally cute - will it be getting bigger or is it a crib quilt? I can
    see this as a baby quilt - such a fun color palette!

    1. thanks :) I think it is going to stay this size. I don't know if I could handle a larger quilt, lol! I will post pics once it gets finished :)


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