Union Jack Pillow

We love the Olympics around here. Very very much. And thank goodness we now have a Tivo like the rest of the world and can record (yes I still say 'tape' instead of record - I am working on it. Mostly due to my husband's sarcastic comments). I had great plans to make a large blanket for Emmett that said London 2012 and had london themed prints picked out. And it didn't work. Couldn't get a pattern that I liked. So I decided to make a pillow instead.

Using the Union Jack flag as inspiration I came up with this:

I guess it is really my first true quilt block. While I've made 'quilts' I haven't made blocks that require multiple pieces and then put together, aside from some simple rectangles. It is pretty satifsying seeing the finished results.

On the back I just used Pewter Metro Rings to match the front with an envelope closure. Easy. Simple.

Emmett likes it, which is good. Mostly to point out the buses and clocks. Silly boy.

And synchronized swimming is happening right now. So excited! Love how they walk out onto the deck, so funny! Although NBC likes to cut that part off, thank goodness that the BBC is doing live streaming without any editing. And I am loving the underwater cam they use so that we see what they're doing at the same time as seeing what is going on on top of the water. But I digress.


  1. This is awesome Kristina! Very creative :)

  2. We are loving the Olympics here too in London!!


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