Bear's New Shirt

Bear is very special to me and has been around for a while. And I was pretty determined not to let Emmett have him. But lately he has been seen carrying Babo and Bear around the house. I could have taken Bear away from him but, sigh, he is just so darn sweet with him.

Because Bear is pretty old now, his shirt has definitely seen better days. And would you believe that this is The Bubb's favorite way to carry him, by the shirt - cause you know it is difficult to carry Babo, Bear and a sippy cup all at the same time. Anyway so after two days of carrying him around, Bear's shirt was about a quarter of an inch from falling off in the back, so I took it off and let him be naked for a bit and decided it was time to make a new shirt.

So I found some left over fleece, folded it in half, put the old shirt on top matching up the fold lines, cut around the old shirt, then sewed under the arm holes, and Bear now has a new shirt.

Hope everyone has a good 4th of July!

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